Sebastian Telfair, former high school basketball star, former CBA player, and NBA player. Has been sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison. He was found guilty of second degree criminal possession of a weapon, from a traffic stop back in April of 2017.

The 33 year old former point guard was pulled over after parking on a center median, making a U-turn off the median and driving without headlights.

The officers who pulled Telfair over reported smelling the odor of marijuana. After a search of the vehicle, police found multiple firearms, ammunition and body armor.

Telfair exercised his right to jury trial and was found guilty of possessing an illegal firearm. The mandatory prison sentence he received is required by law.

In court, he complained that he was being penalized too harshly for a victimless crime. Judge John Hecht told Telfair. ” The judgement in this case sir, is what the jury convicted you of,” “You’ve achieved greatness in your life, and this case doesn’t take that away.”

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