Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Ex-Fiance Nick Gordon is found dead reportedly from a drug overdose.


Nick Gordon the Ex-boyfriend Bobby Kristina, has died three years later after he was found responsible for her death. Nick Gordon (30) was hospitalized for a short time before his death in florida. Nick’s brother Jack Walker Jr., shared the news Wednesday by writing, “All I can do is cry”

Nick Gordon was taken in by Whitney Houston when he was 12 years old and raised with the singer’s daughter, Bobby Kristina Brown. Gordon and Brown fell in love with each other after Houston’s death in 2012, and  tensions between the two families began.

Three years later in January of 2015, their relationship was brought back into the spotlight when Kristina Brown was found unresponsive in a bathtub. She remained in a coma until her death six months later. An autopsy declared that drug intoxication and immersion in water were the cause of the pneumonia and brain damage that caused her death.

No criminal charges were filed against Gordon, but he was found legally responsible for Brown’s death in a civil case and in 2016, was ordered to pay $36 million to the estate of Kristina Brown. Gordon failed to appear for two hearings in the civil case in Brown’s death,and her family won by default.

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