You were there and you saw some things, but it seems like you are just doing stuff for ratings, I’m just being real,” Mase told Gene  “If you going tell people the truth, don’t blemish my name and try and make your show look better. Tell the absolute truth.”

Gene then asked Mase how he blemished his name.  Mase dodged that and brought up Gene saying on his show that Gene took a picture of the guy who allegedly killed Biggie.  Gene then said Mase misheard him and explained that the FBI and the LAPD had later shown Gene a photo of Gene, Diddy and the guy who killed Biggie with the guy’s face blurred out, adding that he didn’t take the photo and had no idea who did.

Then Gene asked Mase why he didn’t go to the after-party after which Biggie was shot as everyone else had.  Mase said he didn’t go because he was in the hotel room with Brandy.  Then he countered that accusation by wondering why Gene and the other security guards didn’t shoot back when Biggie was shot, suggesting they were the snakes.

What do you think about all of that?

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