We didn’t come in here ’cause of this Danny [6ix9ine] guy. We came in here cause a quote-unquote gangsta didn’t want to do the time for his sh*t. And the kid told. Danny and the other people told. I’m not mad at him. I’m not mad at him.”

He was then asked why he thought 6ix9ine was “built like that” in the first place.

“Did Gotti think Sammy The Bull was built like that?” wondered Shotti. “It’s never obvious. The people that brought us in were quote-unquote gangsta, the guy CEO Kris.  I’ll call him out. He supposed to be somebody. You don’t judge a person off what the world says. I judged him by his character. I loved [6ix9ine]. Maybe my love for him blinded me. Even with that being said, I never thought he’d be involved with other people, make falsehoods, and get people taken away from their families. My man Ish was just a driver, he never carried a gun, never robbed anybody. He’s doing five years. They said Melli sold drugs, Melli never didn’t sell no drugs.”

We’ve heard that the Feds got their hooks in Kristian “CEO Kris” Cruz after he was busted moving heroin from China and that Kris may have been working with the government for years.

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