In a recent Livestream, G-Unit affiliate Trav aired 50 Cent out.

The gist of his rant was that Fif used him for dirty work, starting when Trav was just 12 years old.  Yet, Trav argues, 50 never properly compensated him.  

Trav also spoke on Tony Yayo’s name, arguing that 50 used Yayo too and claiming Yayo has been reduced to selling weed in Queens because 50 doesn’t really have his back.  Trav also broke down the notorious incident in which Fif was filmed throwing Yayo into a bush, claiming 50 humiliated his G-Unit soldier. Yayo seemed to respond to and to dismiss all of Trav’s gripes in this IG comment

Here’s Trav’s original rant

Watch “Trav Speaks about 50cent on Instagram Live!!” on YouTube
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