Earlier this year, Webbie implied that money had changed his Baton Rouge bro Boosie Badazz and that’s why they no longer collaborate.

Boosie deflected talk of beef.  But that facade came crashing down tonight after Webbie said he had helped Boosie’s family out when Boosie was locked up.

“But where the f*ck all u n*ggas was when I sacrificed all my sh*t N took care of families when you was in Jail B .. Just wondering,” Webbie typed under a photo of Boosie, tagging Boosie

Upon reading that, Boosie went off on Webbie.

Between this and Boosie admitting he hooked all of his sons and nephews up with grown woman top when they were 12, Boosie’s on a role.  He has a new reality show coming.  Do you think this his Webbie rant is promo or genuine feelings?

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