Cashville-ten-a-key rapper Young Buck is out of jail, and he has a lot to say. 

Speaking with DJ Paul, Buck admitted escaping 50 Cent and G-Unit, who bled him dry and forced him to file for bankruptcy twice. 

Buck also discussed his time in jail and who his cellmate was. 

Apparently, Buck shared a cell with Future’s son Jakobi Wilburn,who is currently locked up on charges of criminal gang activity, criminal trespass, and altered ID of a firearm. 

According to Buck, he asked the guards to put him in his cell and made sure to have his back while he was locked up. 

“Yeah, lil n***a name was Kobi, I think. I tell the guard, ‘put that n***a in a cell with me.’ You feel me? I don’t really know what his charges was and shit but we was back there, you know? I just told Casino, ‘I got him while he back here. I know y’all finna get this n***a all this money you n***as got but I got ’em while he back here.'”

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