Lord Jamar is a rapper and actor.  But he’s most famous in these (and most) parts for being interviewed on VladTV.

That’s all coming to an end.

Jamar has announced that he and Godfrey — another frequent Vlad guest — will no longer be conversing with DJ Vlad because of comments Vlad made about Louis Farrakhan.

“Yes, it’s official … @coemdiagodgrey & myself will no longer be f*cking with @Vladtv for not apologizing to @farrakhan.speaks after misquoting him, as as believing that BLACK PEOPLE can’t affect his bottom line … let’s show him that WE MADE HIM & now WE WILL BREAK HIM(link to episode in bio) #oncode #boycottvladtv #culturevulture #standwithfarrakhan #blackpower UNSUBSCRIBE FROM VLAD TV.”

Mysonne is also down with the boycott:

Watch “Mysonne Is DONE With Vlad After Refusing To Apologize To The Minister Louis Farrakhan #VladTv” on YouTube

Do you think this will work?

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