Lord Jamar and Godrey have said they are done being interviewed by DJ Vlad because Vlad had disrespected Louis Farrakhan.  During their chat in which they announced their Vlad boycott Lord Jamar lamented that Black people didn’t come together to protect him from Eminem like he and Godfrey were protecting Farrakhan from Vlad.

“Well actually these motherf**kers let Eminem talk sh*t about me, they let the white boy Eminem talk sh*t about me and just go freak. That’s a whole another story,’ Jamar said. “They didn’t demand an apology out of his ass,” Jamar complained

Watch “Lord Jamar Cancels Eminem & VladTV! Says Black people didnt protect him against Eminem.” on YouTube

Jamar had been attacking Eminem’s position in Hip Hop for years, and Shady finally responded on the Kamikaze track “The Fall.”

Should Black people have protected Lord Jamar from Eminem.

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One thought on “Lord Jamar says black people didn’t protect him from eminem! Video below!”
  1. Lord Jamar is an oportunist getting his second wind off a clown ass vulture like Vlad…EMINEM aka Marshall Mathers aka slim shady aka the GOAT doesn’t need Jamars approval or validation to be accepted AS A PILLAR or a foundation to the rap game.

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