Actor and comedian Faizon Love has more smoke for NYC rappers.

He’s tangled with Cam’Ron and insulted JAY-Z, and now Big Worm is calling out Dave East for faking his gang affiliation.  Listen to Love make the accusation in an interview with Hip Hop Uncensored.

That corny a*s fake crip n*gga. I be like, ‘What the f*ck?’ I was so surprised that MC Eiht gave him a stamp. I know MC Eiht official. So he gave him a stamp. I don’t know if that’s about the music business, but I don’t know. But the song he did with Dave East was wack,” Fazion said.

“I would f**k with him if he didn’t make up this whole fake a*s corny,” Love continued. “He was a Crip and then he was in jail. How you come out of jail with a record deal? What? You sleepin’ on your stomach in jail, n*gga …  Yeah, you a crip.  Where you from? The Hamptons?  Hamptons Crips … That’s why I’m not mad at 6ix9ine.  They all 6ix9ine.  Goofy Blood started it.  Shawn Carter.  Jay-Z,”

What do you think about all of that?  Is Dave East an industry plant?

Update: MC Eight has responded:

“He ain’t called out Snoop or J Stone who also has songs and videos with my nia [laughs],” Eiht tells HipHopDX. “I guess I’m the lil nia so it’s all good. I did a song with an artist and a homie, period, verifying his gang affiliation is my now job. My nia J Stone and Snoop fuck with Dave, but I’m the one getting called out. Now that’s comedy for you [laughs].”

Eiht adds, “Sound like a podcast ratings move so don’t include me in the quest for ratings loc. Too much hate from West Coast nia period. Must be doin’ something right. I’m being mentioned on nia’s podcast. Damn I feel important this morning [laughs].”

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