Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s divorce has gotten ugly. 

After 24 years of marriage, Nicole filed for irreconcilable differences at the end of summer. At first, Nicole claimed she never signed a prenup, then later said she was “forced” to sign one, but then Dre ripped it up. Dre denies forcing her to sign one and said that they do have one. In recent weeks, Dre was accused of hiding funds while Nicole was accused of stealing money. Nicole also requested ownership of Dr. Dre’s name plus the trademark for The Chronic.

Nicole also requested $2 million a month, plus the cost of her legal fees. Reported on TMZ, a judge denied Nicole’s request for $1.5 million in various expenses, which include security, plus $5 million in lawyer fees. Nicole’s legal team told the judge their client has been receiving death threats and needs security. The judge rejected the claim because she fired the security that Dre had for her. She claims Dre is controlling which is why she wanted her own, so a judge agreed to let her choose a private one, but it can’t cost more than the one Dre had. 

The judge noted that there’s serious domestic violence issues and custody cases are going on, and this isn’t “the same universe.” The judge advised Nicole that if Dre exercised control over her to file for a restraining order. 

Their next hearing is scheduled for January.

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