Jaguar Wright has been busy exposing “truths” about powerful people in the industry.

According to Wright, a lawyer who used to work with Diddy told her that she walked on in R&B singer Cristopher Willimas giving Puff top back in the day.

“The door wasn’t locked so she didn’t think twice about just walking in,” Wright said. “When she walked in, she saw Christopher Williams performing fellatio on Puff.”

Wright went on to say that Diddy demanded the blow job for a demo deal and that Puff’s rationale was that making a straight man perform oral sex on you is the ultimate proof of your power.

“’I’ll do whatever the f*ck I want to do in my building. It’s power, see…if I could make a man suck my d*ck, I could make people do anything for money,” he allegedly said.

Diddy’s ex-bodyguard Gene Deal commented on Jaguar’s accusation on his YouTube channel.  

Deal said that Puff was often sexually fluid, and once took Xhibit to a gay club.

He also suggested that he had seen Diddy engage in homosexual acts and — unlike Jaguar — he saw it with his own eyes.

I know that for a fact because I was right there.  He said, ‘yo Gene, watch the door that don’t let nobody come through.  I said, I’ll watch the door and if I watched the door, and him and a man ran out naked and I said that, ain’t nobody told me that.  I saw that myself,” he said emphatically.  “I’m telling you what I saw.”

Deal seems to have it in for Puffy and has accused him of causing Biggie’s death.


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