NBA YoungBoy was just arrested last month when cops in Baton Rouge busted 16 people on drug possession and gun charges at a video shoot. 

Now the rapper and his crew are being accused of beating up a man in Katy, Texas, and they’re being investigated by police.

TMZ says the alleged beatdown happened on Oct. 5, when a  man who was supposed to work with NBA showed up to a studio with his girlfriend.

The man was told that women weren’t allowed in the session, so his girlfriend left. That’s when he was allegedly jumped in the studio’s garage. 

The alleged victim said that NBA and his boys put a bag over his head and started kicking, punching and pistol-whipping him. 

One police source said NBA told his manager that “I got him here,” referring to the man. But NBA’s manager said to let the guy go since he’s been in recent legal trouble.

There haven’t been any arrests made yet, but that may change once the investigation concludes.

Why do you think NBA can’t seem to stay out of trouble?

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  1. The reality is that NBA youngboy is one of the best rappers in the game!

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