Tekashi 6ix9ine is having a tough run.

His much-hyped album flopped, and now the most notorious part of his past is coming back to bite him in the ass as he’s being sued for sexually abusing an underage girl in 2015.

6ix9ine has already taken a plea deal in the criminal case stemming from the incident and got four years probation

Here are the details of the case:

Jane Doe, who was then 13, was filmed having oral sex with Tay Milly as 6ix9ine (who was wearing clothes) thrust behind her. Another video showed her in bra and panties in 6ix9ine’s lap and a third vid had her laying naked across both men while Milly groped her.

6ix9ine and Milly posted the videos online. In addition to being 13, Doe says she was plied with drugs and alcohol and couldn’t give consent. 

Doe is suing both men for child sexual assault, child sexual abuse, and infliction of emotional distress.  She’s seeking an undisclosed amount

6ix9ine has taken responsibility for the incident, but also justified it by reminding everyone he was 18 when it happened.

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“Going back to the 13-year-old girl — I was 18 at the time. Am I this 40-year-old Jeffrey Epstein-type?” he wondered in an interview with the New York Times. “I admit to all my wrongs, right? I pleaded guilty to [using] a child in a sexual performance, and then I took responsibility for that. The thing with the 13-year-old girl, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. The justice system makes you feel so guilty for something and they beat it into your head.”

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