Murder Inc rapper Caddillac Tah went to junior high school with 50 Cent.  However, they found themselves on different sides of one of rap’s most notorious beefs.

Bang Em Smurf has told a story of Tah g-checking 50 Cent after somebody in 50’s crew tossed a bottle at his baby mama for wearing a Murder Inc shirt.

Tah confirmed there was a g-check, but says it wasn’t as dramatic as Smurf made it out to be.

“If remember, I don’t think anyone threw a bottle.  Because then someone would have got shot.  I think what it is she got the Murder Inc shirt on and think n*ggas were saying disrespectful shit as she walked by … And I come up there. I was just like yo, ‘What’s happening?’  If n*ggas violating my baby mama it’s gonna get nasty. [And 50 was like] ‘Nah bro, I’m going to take care of it.’  What Bang em said was news to me, I didn’t even know that he ended up slapping someone over that.’

According to Tah, 50 responded respectfully to him, and there were no further issues.

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