Snitching and the street code is a much-debated Hip Hop topic.

Legendary producer Pharrell knows he’s not a street guy and thus he would snitch in the blink of an eye.

He broke down the speed in which he would snitch on Drink Champs.

“I’m not a tough guy, I’m staying my ass inside and the f*cking FBI is on speed dial, bro. I’m not a f*cking tough guy,” says Pharrell to the hosts of the show. “You people say things about snitching? I’m f*cking snitching. Don’t talk to me about all that. Everybody plays their part, this is a movie, you guys, everybody plays their part. I am snitching! Don’t do nothing around me. I’m not built for the jail life. I am snitching. The f*ck you mean? You can’t get mad at me. I have a purpose, I have to be me, I have to do my job, and I have to play my part in this movie. And my part is, ‘I told you not to do that sh*t, I told you I wasn’t built for this, I’m really sorry but this is your deal. Your honor, jury, are you guys listening? I asked if he was gonna do it, don’t f*cking tell me.’ Everybody’s not f*cking tough. You’re not gonna go do 25 years in a condition that you know you are not built for because you wanna look tough. I am not f*cking tough. You know what I wanna look like? F*cking free and happy, living my life.”

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