Lil Wayne and Young Thug have an interesting history.

Thugger was a suspect in the 2015 shoot em up of Wayne’s tour bus. And then there was that time he spent about a year trolling Wayne with album titles.

According to Thug, Wayne started it when he disrespected him on the day they met.

“Man that n-gga gotdamn … the first day he didn’t dap me up,” Thug told Gillie Da Kid of his meeting of Wayne. “Tried me. Now my feet hurt and I’ma real stepper. Left the pimpin’ hanging. He prolly had them chrome hearts on.”

That wasn’t all:

“One time I dapped him up this  how he dap,” Thug continued, indicating Wayne’s dap was weak. “I’m like, ‘Hey listen bruh, I’m never touching your hand again. Just off of that. I’m a player, I’m a real player and I don’t give no f*ck. Nothing about me is a groupie, no nothing. You inspired me.”

Thug and Wayne still don’t have the best relationship but they seem to be working on it.

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