Over the summer, Snoop Dogg didn’t put Eminem on his list of top ten rappers and said he made music he could “live without”, which caused quite a stir given that Dr. Dre makes Shady and Snoop rap bros.

Eminem jabbed back at Snoop on his new track “Zeus.” 

In a new interview with Shade 45, he explained why he felt the need to respond to Snoop.

“Everything he said, by the way, was fine, up to a point. Him saying Dre made the best version of me, absolutely, why would I have a problem with that? Would I be here without Dre? F*ck no, I wouldn’t. The rappers he mentioned from the ‘90s—KRS One, Big Daddy Kane, [Kool] G Rap—I’ve never said I could fuck with them.”

“I think it was more about the tone he was using that caught me off-guard ‘cause I’m like, where is this coming from? I just saw you, what the f*ck? It threw me for a loop,” he continued. “I probably could’ve gotten past the whole tone and everything, but it was the last statement where he said, ‘Far as music I can live without, I can live without that sh*t.’ Now you’re being disrespectful. It just caught me off-guard, Eminem said about the “live without” comment.

“I didn’t know what to do about it because it confused me because I’m like, bro, same team. We’re on the same team. And I have never in my career, my entire career, said a disrespectful word about Snoop.

Did Snoop step over the line?

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