Kodak Black’s home state wasn’t good to him when his entourage got shot up in a Tallahassee, Florida McDonald’s parking lot early Monday morning.

While the gunmen missed Kodak, they put his security guard in the hospital.

Kodak addressed the shooting today on IG Live

“A b*tch ain’t even gone play with me,” said the 23-year-old artist. “When I saw that I was like, what the f*ck? This ain’t no sh*t like.  I’m hating the sh*t Y’all trying to make it like, one of these little industry b*tches … That sh*t was just some little bullsh*t on some lame little sh*t that transpired on some lame sh*t, homie. If n*gga is a real stepper out here, you gone know, I’m in this life. Baby blue sh*t. Crime sh*t. That’s Yak right there.

He also denied the shooting was fueled by any rap beef.

“Leave me alone, man,” he added. “I ain’t f*cking with nobody. Yak been zoolin’.”

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