Joe Budden fired Rory from The Joe Budden Podcast earlier this week

We gonna do this since Rory thinks he has so many options here, he somehow feels like he’s still running the show,” said Joe in leaked audio. “He still feels like he has choices and options, he feels like he’s entitled to more. Rory, you are in breach of your contract, and from this point forward you are fired and you are not welcome back.”

Now Rory has responded.

“Mannn .. what an era .. thank you to everyone that listened, supported, told their friends about us, bought a subscription, ticket, or merch .. any value starts & ends with y’all,” tweeted Rory on Wednesday, May 12. “I’ll get to that messy sh*t soon but in the meantime I’m here to celebrate an amazing run!! Love … I just read that back and it sounded like the Bow Wow “Thank You” record smfh.”

Shortly after firing Rory, Budden shut down the podcast altogether.

Do you think Rory will land himself another major podcast gig?

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