Leoworldnews is reporting that Pooh Shiesty has turned himself in to police investigating a Miami nightclub shooting that took place over Labor Day Weekend.

This is not the Miami shooting DaBaby was involved in, which went down in front of Prime 112 two nights later.

Instead, it’s almost certainly the incident in which Pooh was robbed of a reported 40K when he was onstage at King Of Diamonds and pulled out his weapon and reportedly opened fire.

Here is a clip of that shooting below!

This is the second shooting Shiesty has been involved in recently.

Is it FreeShiesty or nah?

Update:  Pooh has been arrested for felony aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.  He got into an argument with the security guard who had escorted him from the King Of Diamonds stage about the missing 40K, which Pooh says wasn’t stolen but rather fell out of his pocket.  Pooh got angry and fired his gun into the ground and the bullet hit the guard’s ankle.  The guard went to the hospital but by the time the cops arrived Pooh was long gone.

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