Pooh Shiesty was last seen wearing a suicide prevention turtle vest while in court dealing with his latest aggravated assault and weapons case.

Pooh is facing up to 20 years and can’t post bail because he has another similar case pending, so perhaps that’s why he’s depressed.

The ‘Back in Blood’ rapper got some good news today when the Miami strip club security guard he shot in the latest incident recanted his statement implicating Pooh and is now saying he misspoke when he told police that Pooh blasted him in the ankle during a dispute over missing money.

Frivin Dor claims that he was given the powerful pain killer Dilaudid when he got to the hospital with a bullet in his ankle.  By the time he spoke to the cops, he was all loopy and said things he didn’t mean — like Pooh shot him.

Dor also said he no longer wants to press charges against Pooh or be contacted by the state of Florida at all on the manner.

This is a complete reversal of the very detailed account of the incident he gave to the police at the hospital.

What do y’all think happened?

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