50 Cent hasn’t forgotten about Jeezy.

Fif has been on the Snowman’s case for a minute now.  He hit at him again while speaking on the BMF soundtrack.

“I got another record coming off of the BMF soundtrack,” 50 said on ThisIs50. “BMF will have a whole musical soundtrack. It’s so many people connected. That story is connected, culturally, so you’ll see more involvement from other artists. I got 42 Dugg. He already sent something, him and Jeezy on the record. I like it with 42 Dugg, though. He don’t really need Jeezy, you just need 42 Dugg. I’m trying to convince him to take that n*gga off the record and just wild because his sh* ts hot. The other sh*t we can do without that sh*t.”

50 vs. Jeezy, who you got?

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