A Popular Chicago rapper was shot and killed yesterday, after he recorded a song dissing rapper Lil Durk’s deceased brother Dthang, LeoWorldNews confirmed.

The rapper, who goes by the name Lil Kevo 069, was one of the most popular new artists from the Engelewood area of the city. According to local reports, the opps ran down on Lil Kev and fired 16 shots at the rapper, most of which hit him.

Reports of his shooting were picked up by local reports.

Two weeks ago Lil Kevo released one of the most vicious diss records of 2020. In the song, he bragged about “smoking” on rapper Lil Durk’s brother Dthang. Here’s the video that’s got him fame and clout, and likely caused him to get murdered.

Chicago is currently on pace to have one of its most violent years in history. So far 364 people have been killed this year. That is 5 more than 2020.

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