Soulja Boy said he used to be a kid-friendly rapper who made fun music like “Crank That,” but after he was the victim of a home invasion in 2008, during which he shot a guy, he was forced to change his image.

“Y’all n*ggas f*cked up my image,” Soulja claimed. “I was rapping for the kids. I never smoked weed, I never talked about shooting guns, I never talked about killing nobody, I made music for the kids … When them p*ssy n*ggas ran into my crib and I had to shoot them n*ggas, f*ck dancing, f*ck rapping about the kids. Y’all n*ggas just tried to kill me, bruh.”

What do you think about Soulja’s admission, and do you think he would have been bigger if he stayed a kid-friendly rapper?

Is Soulja traumatized?

Or is this old, and Soulja capping on the situation?

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