NBA Analyst Kendrick Perkins agrees with Shaquille O’Neal, advises Kevin Durant to take a stand and trade Kyrie Irving from the Nets

There has been a lot of turmoil in the NBA recently. While there are no restrictions set by the league regarding the players’ vaccination, a few cities have set their own restrictions. These kinds of restrictions have been imposed in San Fransico and New York. Due to this, players like Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins are expected to miss all their home games, at the least.

This has caused a lot of people to say a lot of different things about the issue. Stephen A Smith talked about trading Wiggins, and recently, he also claimed the same should be done for Kyrie. Shaquille O’Neal also believes the Nets should trade Kyrie if he can’t play half the team’s games. The most recent addition to talking about the same was none other than Kendrick Perkins.

Kendrick Perkins doubles down on Shaq’s views, claims Nets should trade Kyrie Irving

Kendrick Perkins recently joined Stephen A Smith on First Take. There, big Perk was asked about how he felt about Shaq’s statement regarding Kyrie. Perkins totally agreed with what Shaq had said earlier.

Perkins said that Shaq is absolutely right. He believes Kyrie isn’t doing right by the franchise and by Kevin Durant. Perkins believes Kevin Durant has to keep his personal relations with Kyrie aside and keep winning as the primary goal.

What Shaquille O’Neal, Stephen A Smith, and now Kendrick Perkins said, makes absolute sense. HAving a star player, who can not play any home game, harms the team a lot. It also affects their championship chances, which were already ruined last year due to injuries.

We’ll have to wait and see how the entire situation unfolds.

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