Madonna is known to pine after younger rappers.

She once notoriously kissed Drake on stage, making him cry.

According to G-Eazy, Quavo was more receptive to Madonna’s advances.

On Shirley’s Temple, Young Gerald told a story of attending an Oscar party on acid and seeing Madonna rubbing all over the Migo. [Jump to 6 minutes.]

“I’m at a party with all of these celebrities because it’s an Oscar party.  Oscar night,” Eazy said. “This is a couple of years ago.  I’m at the bar having a beer with Adam Sandler.  It’s that type of thing. Johnny Depp just walked in.  Madonna over there twerking on Quavo.”

Quavo was featured on Madonna’s 2019 track “Future”, so maybe it was just a business Twerk.

Isn’t Madonna vintage pussy?

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