The narrative that Tory Lanez opened fire on Megan Thee Stallion’s feet after a Kardashian pool party has pretty much been the narrative since Meg was treated for bullet holes in said feet.

However, it may be a false narrative.

Lawyer Moe Gangat, who comments on all legal issues Hip Hop, is hearing that the other two people in the car with Tory and Meg have questioned the story that Tory opened fire on Meg.

“This case to me comes down to one glaring, glaring fact, which is that are four witnesses to the incident.  There’s Tory Lanez, there’s Meg The Stallion, there’s Tory’s security guard, and there’s Meg friend.  These are the are four people who saw this.  The friend and the security guard have both through various very social media posting have very clearly been in support of Tory.  Suggesting this did not go down anywhere near what the government says that he took a gun and shot her in the foot.  That’s crazy.”

Tory is out on bail and has denied shooting Megan.

This summer, Meg’s went after Tory for violating Meg’s protection order against him by getting too close to her at Rolling Loud.

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