There’s been a huge reaction to Kanye West’s interview on Drink Champs, during which he said that signing Big Sean was the worst thing he’s ever done.

Sean responded on Twitter soon after and said he’d be doing his own Drink Champs interview.

“I can’t wait to go on drink champs now!!!” wrote Sean Don.

That tweet sparked reactions from his fans, who told him to rip Kanye apart during his interview. Meanwhile, others brought up Ye promising to give Sean and other GOOD Music artists their masters back some time ago.

“Kanye owes Big Sean $3M and said he’d give Sean his masters too which he never ended up doing, and Sean never complained about either publicly. He’s just too nice,” one fan wrote.

“Not 3, more like 6,” Sean replied.

Do you think Sean will ever see the money he’s supposedly owed?

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