Back in 2018, Safaree notoriously announced he was robbed during an interview with Angie Martinez.

“I just got robbed at gunpoint,” he said with tears in his eyes, “A couple hours ago, I just got robbed like two dudes with guns just ran up on me. Had me face down on the floor with a gun to my head. They took everything.”

The gunmen took about 180K in jewelry and cash from Nicki Minaj’s ex.

Tacuma Ashman was one of the three men charged with the robbery.

This week, he was found guilty of first-degree robbery, weapons possession, and resisting arrest.  He faces up to 50 years when he is sentenced in January.

Shawn Harewood and Carl Harry were also involved in the robbery.  Harry pleaded guilty to conspiracy in 2019.  Harewood, the ring leader and a childhood friend of Safarees, is awaiting trial.

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