Today, Pooh Shiesty pleaded guilty in federal court to the charge of conspiracy to possess a firearm in furtherance of violent and drug-trafficking crimes.

The bad news is that’s a serious felony.

The good news is that by pleading guilty to the sole charge — he has been charged with four felonies — it takes the possibility of a life sentence off the plate.

In fact, prosecutors will recommend 97-months, or eight years and one month, when Pooh is sentenced later this year.

It is possible the judge could ignore the recommendation and give him more time

In 2020, Pooh was involved in a Bar Harbour, Florida hotel parking lot shootout after a drug and sneakers deal went left and is accused of shooting a man in the buttocks with a Draco.

The Feds have the gunfight on video and have also tied by serial number the money used in the deal — which fell out of Pooh’s rented Maybach as he fled the scene — to money Pooh had posted on social media.

Looks like that will all end up costing him about eight years.

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