Kanye West’s recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked has revealed a great deal. 

Like in one part, the rapper said he retrieved an unreleased sex tape that his estranged wife Kim Kardashian was in with Ray J.

Elsewhere in the sit down,  Ye sent a warning to the Kardashians about his children and threatened legal action. [Go to the 43:27-mark]

“They can go on SNL and make jokes, they can make jokes in the media,” he said. “They can plant stories about whoever I’m dating whatever they want to do, they can block deals, they could do all that type of stuff. But I’mma tell you straight up, don’t play with my kids. Whoever y’all work for, whoever y’all think the family is working for, I’m telling you right now, don’t play with my children. And it’s going to be all legal. It’s going to be all legal, baby. You ain’t finna gaslight me. It’s going to be calm like this. But that’s not what we finna play.”

“My cousins had two directives [when meeting with Kim],” Ye went on. “I said ‘I want you to go and talk to Kim because I don’t want to talk to her and get into an argument. There’s two things I said. Tell her security not gonna be in between me and my kids and also tell her don’t have my daughter wearing lipstick on TikTok. And don’t have her on TikTok at all if I don’t approve that.’ I said it after it was done without me knowing and then it happened again. So I feel like it’s poking the bear or trying to antagonize me or create this crazy narrative.”

Do you think Ye will keep having problems with the Kardashians or will he and Kim be able to co-parent successfully one day?

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