About ten years ago, ‘the Gangster Disciples came after Rick Ross for the sin of name dropping their founder Larry Hoover in the song “B.M.F.” and for using the gang’s major symbol, the Star of David on his mixtape, The Black Bar Mitzvah.

A the time, Ross was forced to cancel some concerts, although he denied it was because of the GDs.

However, the word on the street was that the GDs extorted Ross, and only backed off when The Bawse cut a big check.

In newly revealed court documents GD Markell White revealed roughly what Ross paid.

“From my understanding, [Rick Ross] ended up paying like $3 million,” White said in court. “The initial payment was supposed to have been six, but I think they worked it out to like three.”

Maybe this is why Ross could never pay Meek Mill.

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