T.I.’s been doing stand-up comedy for a minute now.

Last time we checked in with that, social media wasn’t very impressed with Tip’s jokes.

Neither was Godfrey, a professional comedian

Godfrey was miffed that T.I. was allowed to go on after him during an Atlanta appearance in which Godfrey was billed as the headliner.

“As a headliner, no one is supposed to go up after you,” he said on his podcast.

T.I. responded, questioning why Godfrey would make an enemy of him.

“What you are failing to do is recognize something, someone who could be an ally, someone who could be an asset, someone who could add value, and you misrepresenting that as opposition,” T.I. said on IG Live.

“You said in your little interview is you said that he’s not a comedian and had you taken the time to come to the stage what you said that you would not do and you should not do, but I disagree, you would have heard in my set I said ‘I am not a comedian, I’m a superstar.’ There’s a difference.”

Why do y’all think T.I. is doing comedy?

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