There was a time, a long time ago, when Mase and Puff Daddy were joined at the hip.

Then Puff became Diddy, Mase retired from the rap game to become a pastor, Diddy flirted with being a billionaire, Mase started rapping again, yada, yada, yada.

Now it’s 2022, and Mase wants the world to know Puff ain’t ish.

The 46-year old dissed his former Bad Boy boss in the new track “Oracle 2: The Legend of Mason Betha.”

“Yeah, I’m just a Harlem n*gga repping down a Vegas strip with my own Suge/You from Mt. Vernon, n*gga, go & rep your own hood,” Mase raps. “I’m not hating on your Billi worth/Right now, I’m only saying what you really work/You ain’t no architect/You just a n*gga who know how to market death.”

‘Oracle 2’ is a follow-up to ‘The Oracle’, in which Mase dissed his old Harlem friend Cam’ron.

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