The Game’s issues with Dr. Dre came to the forefront at a recent Lakers game when Dre’s right hand Jimmy Iovine walked right past Game without acknowledging him.

Iovine was probably sore about Game’s comments on Drink Champs, in which Game said Kanye had done more for his career than Dre, who discovered Game and put him in G-Unit.  (Or so the story goes.)

Game’s manager Wack 100 jumped on Clubhouse and claimed Game was speaking facts when he elevated Ye over Dre.  And his explanation of why Game spoke the truth actually included Iovine.

“That’s the truth,” he said on Clubhouse of Game’s Ye over Dre remarks.  “First of all, let’s give credit to Jimmy Iovine. 

Because Dre wanted to put him on the shelf.  Iovine put him in [G-Unit.]  That was Iovine’s call. Facts.  Whatever you think Dre did do, let’s fast forward to the next album.  If you don’t want to shut it down for dissing on G-Unit, your budget cut off.  Ain’t no studio until you comply.  F*ck you.”

Wack went on to say that, as opposed to Dre who charged Game for everything and attached strings, Kanye would give Game millions of dollars worth of his time for free.

“If your man help you make $1000, and then you turn around and he do something to make you lose $10,000, you saying the n*gga helped you?  That’s all I’m saying,” Wack said, turning back to Dre.

Wack also pointed out that Dre. didn’t produce anything for Game after his debut album The Documentary.

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