Will Smith has been unraveling in front of our eyes since about when his wife Jada entered the word “entanglement” into the lexicon.

That at all culminated last night at the Oscars when Will bitch slapped Chris Rock for telling a joke about Jada and her bald head from the Academy Award stage.

Charlamagne is among those who think Will’s problems are a lot deeper than a GI Jane joke.

“He stepped up to defend his family,” Charlamagne said on his radio show.. “With that said, I love Will Smith and I love Chris Rock and I said this earlier but I’ll say it again, I’ve gone to enough therapy to know that slap he gave Chris Rock, that joke was a very, very, very small part of the reason. I don’t what the ‘why’ is but for Will to react like that, there is something way deeper going on inside of him that we don’t know about.”

“If you’ve ever read his book. Which y’all should- phenomenal book, it sold well over a million copies, he’s talked about how he’s felt like a coward his whole life because, you know, watching his mother go through domestic violence with his father,” he continued. “I wonder if he felt like he’s been taking so much hit and people have been, you know, coming at his family and his wife for a while now. To where, you know, he ended up bleeding on somebody who didn’t cut him in the form of Chris Rock.

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