Big Fendi, who’s famous for signing Nicki Minaj and for being a savage meme, got robbed of over 400,000 in jewelry while staying at the Mondrian hotel in South Beach.

According to Fendi, it was an inside job.

“SMFH 🤦🏾‍♂️ today around 7pm my Prada bag with Over 400k and Jewelry was stolen From the Mondrian Hotel on South Beach .I checked in around 4:45pm . Realized shortly after my bag was not in my room.
Long story short the hotel found the bag & gave it to security. ( Who Looked Thru My Bag to log it in ) 🤔
Then contacted somebody who made a fake email that was sent to the Mondrian..

Saying they lost a bag describe what was in the bag and was sending someone to pick it up .The hotel released my bag without asking for I ID or NOTHING,” Fendi said, posting a photo of the thief.

It’s tough out there.

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