C-Murder’s ex Monica Denise is among those working hard to get C out of prison.

The New Orleans rapper is serving a life sentence for the assault and murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas in 2002. However, several years ago, a witness who said he saw C-Murder fire the gun recanted his testimony.

That has given a new wind to the Free C-Murder crowd.

But he remains locked up.

While she hasn’t been able to spring him, Monica did visit Miller in prison this week and posted this photo.

No update on the relationship between C and his brother Master P.

Last year, P revealed that he felt Corey was ungrateful for the support he was providing him and suggested he may pull his financial support of his bro.

“There’s nothing more important to me than family,” Master P said. “And when a family member is incarcerated or hurt, the whole family is affected. But if you truly believe in God, you know that every man is accountable for their own actions. We also have family members that make poor decisions that result in painful consequences but put the blame on others to avoid taking responsibility themselves. It’s time for me to be truthful with my own family,” P typed a the time.

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