Hassan Campell has made some wild claims about Nipsey Hussle, Lauren London, Wack 100, and Big U.

And he has some recordings to back them up.

According to Campell, Big U and Wack 100 had a tape of Nipsey Hussle and another man having sex with Nip’s baby mama Lauren London.  Things get spicy between Nip and the other man in the tape. After Nip passed, Campell says Big U and Wack 100 tried to use the tape to extort London for 30 percent of Nip’s estate.

Campbell says he only knows about the tape because he overheard Big U and Wack speaking about it out on a three-way call that they didn’t realize he was on.

Campbell played a clip of Wack 100 talking about the tape.  Wack claims he’s keeping the tape safe. But Campbell suggests Wack was in on the plot to extort London after Nipsey died.

Big U, a one-time Crip boss, had been Nipsey’s manager.  However, there have been rumors of beef between Nip and Big U when Nip died.

Wack 100 has a history of downplaying Nip’s legacy.

What do y’all think about the situation?

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