Doctor verifies Megan thee Stallion stepped glass, as concerns about the fate of her case against Tory Lanez begin to surface. More emerging material has emerged as a result of DJ Akademiks discovering documents on this case.

While the spotlight has been on the Young Thug RICO case, a story involving Tory Lanez and Megan thee Stallion has gone undetected. An LAPD report showed that Meg reportedly walked on glass, according to records leaked online by Mob Radio.

According to the records, Dr. Loffredo of Los Angeles, who treated Megan for the laceration, acknowledged that it was caused by walking on glass.

We’re interested how long this circus will go given that no X-rays of the purported shot have been presented and no supposed bullet pieces extracted from the foot have been recovered.

The report notes that she was “alert,” “oriented” and “breathing comfortably” at the time of her admission. She had a visible “small wound ” to her posterior ankle with “no active bleeding” prior to a more in-depth evaluation.

Throughout the report, Megan appeared to withhold information from several officials about how she sustained her injuries. She first told authorities she was “walking at a party and heard a loud noise and ran away,” the medical report states, adding that she thought she had “stepped on glass.”

Megan was queried “repeatedly” about her injuries, according to the emergency department, but she claimed she “never heard a gunshot, and initially did not even believe that there were bullets there.” According to the report, initial X-rays seemed to reveal gunshot fragments in both of her ankles.

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