Wack 100 likes to talk about how tough he is.

But he’s not afraid to admit when he gets out gangstered.

That’s exactly what happened when he tried to extort 50 Cent when 50 came to LA. According to Wack, Fif came prepared.

“[50 Cent] pulled a move on my so gangsta. I think he played with us on purpose. N*gga like, ‘yo Wack 50 Cent is gonna be at the SLS hotel at the bar area. Piru, we through. Come in that motherf*cker, like 10 of us. I’m looking around, I’m like, ‘something don’t seem right about this scenery’. This n*gga had about eight Navy SEAL n*ggas.

Real.  They moving tactical.  They positioned around, this n*gga looked back at us and smirked.  You would swear you would have thought it was the President of the United States in this bitch.”

Any thoughts on this from Wack100?

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