Young Thug’s defenders say that YSL isn’t the criminal gang the Fulton County DA is making it out to be and is rather just a record imprint.

However, in newly revealed court filings, the DA argues that YSL is every bit a criminal enterprise and is responsible for over 50 shooting incidents, including three murders.

Much of the violence stems from the murder of Donavan Thomas in 2015. Thugger is accused of renting the vehicle used in Thomas’s killing.

“[Thomas’ murder is] extremely significant,” Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said. “It occurred back in 2015. And what myself and any law enforcement member can tell you as a result of that the back-and-forth gun violence and murders that have occurred, have probably been in excess of 50 since 2015—triggered by that in the back-and-forth between that [YSL] gang and other gangs.”

Young Thug Gunna and 26 other YSLs were arrested earlier this month.

Thugger was hit with charges of conspiracy to violate the RICO act and participation in criminal street gang activity. He is being accused of being one of the founders and leader of YSL, a Blood affiliated street gang.

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