At one time, Fat Joe was cool with Tekashi 6ix9ine, and actually warned him about how he was moving.

Fast forward to the present day, and Joe has absolutely no love for the rat rapper.

While speaking with Math Hoffa in a recent interview, Joe had some harsh words for Tekashi, calling him a sucka, b*tch and p*ssy.

“This show gonna get me in trouble. ’m gonna just be honest with you, this n*gga’s a sucka. He’s a p*ssy, a sucka, a b*tch. I’m dead sober. This dude here. This type of shit this n*gga doing, I’m convinced he wants to die, and I don’t wish it on him or nothing like that , but I’m convinced he’s miserable in his body. He can’t look in the mirror.”

Joe goes on to say that when he interviewed Tekashi, he told Joe he was a phony, and this was all an act, and this was all said right in front of Shotti and other gang leaders


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