Last week, Yung Bleu went off on Boosie Badazz, suggesting he was a fraud and terrible label boss.

“I put millions in my self? INVESTMENTS! Why would I let a N*gga take millions from me,” Blue typed at Boosie. “I tried to make millions with u, and u ignored my vision! treated me like a lil dog! Came thru every time u needed me! I repoed your brand all over the world all on national tv, every interview.

Every show! Can’t believe u keep sh*tting on me in these interviews like u ever spend a dollar on me! Like u gave my anything when I signed! Not 1 dollar bro! Never paid for 1 video, 1 marketing plan. I never told the world that ! I always gave u praise. But u sh*t on me in interviews? Mane.”

Boosie’s brother Taquari Hatch agrees with Bleu’s assessment of his brother’s CEO skills.

“Here’s over 20 Badazz Artists Boosie signed. These are just the ones i remember. Some of these dudes shouldn’t been getting a [bag]. But Show me where Boo as CEO invested in their project, released their project or “to them somewhere. Stop the [cap],” Taquari typed.

Boosie responded to that by reminding everyone that his brother is a thief who was caught stealing money from Boosie in 2017 and accused Taquari of conspiring with Bleu.

“My brother is a thief who forged my signature with blue on side him n tried to take me off my company but it didn’t work Him blue empire universal everybody was snakes .he’s also listed as a writer n over 60% of Bleu catalog (so who writin the music).They mad they gotta pay,” Boosie typed.


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