Javier Fortuna promised that when he stepped into the ring with Ryan Garcia, he’d prove Garcia was overrated. Unfortunately for Fortuna, his predictive powers were lacking as Garcia dominated the fight from the opening seconds before scoring a sixth-round knockout.

Fortuna (37-4-1, 26 KO) never managed to get anything going offensively in the fight, struggling to deal with Garcia’s length as the 23-year-old worked behind a stiff jab and long straight right hands.

The patient long-range attack of Garcia (23-0, 19 KO) paid off in big ways as Fortuna’s guard steadily came up, exposing his ribs. Garcia took advantage of that in the fourth round, landing a crushing left hook to the body that sent Fortuna reeling before he took a knee for the first knockdown of the fight.

Things didn’t get better for Fortuna in the fifth round as Garcia’s left hand moved from the body back to the head. One of those left hooks caught Fortuna flush, sending Fortuna to the canvas for the second time in the fight, with the Dominican veteran wincing badly as he hit the deck.

The third and final knockdown of the fight came just moments into the sixth round as Garcia unloaded a three-punch combination that finished with another left hook and sent Fortuna to the canvas once again. This time, Fortuna did not rise and Garcia was awarded the knockout.


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