There is still no video of anti-gang advocate Charleston White macing rap pioneer Soulja Boy in Miami.

But both the macer and the macee have no spoke on the macing.

First, White:

“They didn’t know if they had been tased, they didn’t know what had happened,” White said, cackling. “I hit they mothaf*cka one more time just for goodness sake. “That n*gga Soulja Boy said, ‘Bruh you maced me?’ Yeah, n*gga. I don’t know you n*ggas want to talk. Next time you n*gga better holla at me with a police bullhorn and say, ‘Hey wanna talk!’ Other than that, n*gga, you can’t just walk up to no n*gga like me, talking about, ‘I wanna talk.’ Hell naw…I wanna talk to a bitch…I don’t wanna talk to no bunch n*gga that got rings on their fingers. They wasn’t going to do me like that. N*gga I got some different kind of mace.”

Here’s Soulja take:

“These n*ggas be scary as hell talking all this tough sh*t,” Soulja said. “Then when you see a n*gga they get to grabbing pepper spray out of their bitch purse. Running and sh*t. Man, if I know that you n*ggas gonna get on the Internet, talk all of this gangsta sh*t and reach in your girl purse and start spraying pepper spray in the air running like it’s a trail … N*ggas pulling out pepper spray and then doing the dash. Stop saying my name.”


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