Birdman’s bro Terrance “Gangsta” Williams got life plus 20 years in 1998 after pleading guilty to engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise and solicitation for murder.

He was mysteriously released from prison earlier this year.

Gangsta’s fellow Louisianian Boosie Badazz believes it was because Gangsta talked to the Feds and has made that allegation public.

Gangsta fired back accusing Boosie of being in protective custody when he did his notorious bid.

Boosie said that’s big cap.

“Gangsta said you was on PC. Man, bro. Everybody in Louisiana knows how I’m coming from the streets to the penitentiary. I guess he thinks because he was gangsta he supposed to be glorified. But, no n*gga, you’re a rat. I ain’t finna go back and forth with no rat. Every n*gga from the jail from the penitentiary from the streets knows Boosie a standup n*gga. I don’t do PC. I fight for population, n*gga .. ask all the wardens. They called me crazy.

I’m different, Gangsta, you don’t know me like that. Angola, I’m like that it. DCI, I’m like that. Winfield, I’m like that. Anywhere I go. Ain’t no break in me. Real sh*t. I think you frustrated, mad because he had a big reputation in the streets but no that’s sh*ts gone. You labeled as a rat for the rest of your life. There ain’t no coming back from that. You made that decision and that’s all I’m going to say about that.”

Who’s lying?


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