In the past, Ma$e has complained a lot about being in a slave deal with Diddy, but apparently he put Fivio Foreign in one.

According to Fivio, he signed with Ma$e around 2018, and didn’t read the contract.

In total, Fivio said he received $5,000 for signing with Ma$E, and explained the situation on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.

“The advance was $5000. That’s all he gave me. $5000 was a lot. $5000 hit. I thought that sh*t was going last. The sh*t didn’t last two weeks. I’m still in the contract now. Ma$e I knows the business. I didn’t know nothing … He a smooth talker.”

Well, Ma$e caught wind of the interview, and linked up with Gillie and Wallo to express his opinion.

As you can see below, Ma$e doesn’t seem bothered by the deal, and even referred to himself as Diddy 2.0.

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