50 Cent has had quite a few artists over his career, both in and out of G-Unit.

When those artists fail, they often blame Fif — but then apologize for their actions.

He explained how that goes during an interview with 97.9 The Box. [Jump to 19 minutes.]

“What’s ill is, when you’re in the seat, the driver’s seat, a lot of times, no, every time something goes wrong it’s your fault. If you ask artists why their career didn’t go the way they want, it’s the fault of the record label. See what I’m saying?

I happened to become the record label; so all of those artists that were around and didn’t do exactly what they thought they were supposed to do, it’s my fault that it didn’t. They give it to me individually now, like it’s not the company, it’s him.”

Fif then spoke specifically about O.T. Genasis and Spider Loc.

“The other people are upset because they felt like they coulda did it, ‘if you had did it for me. So it’s your fault you didn’t do it for me.’ I can’t make people buy records.”


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